Bad Bears Genesis

5,555 Bad Bears are taking over the Metaverse with a one-of-a-kind tokenized, ERC-721 based ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each Bad Bear is one-of-a-kind. Every Bad Bear gets a unique procedurally generated name (ie Chunky Chewy Coco Bear) and has a unique combination of traits that will not be replicated on any other bear. There are no copies or duplicates. Each Bear is 100% unique.
Each Bad Bear generates 100 $MSK per day. From the moment you purchase a bear, it's hard at work generating passive income around the clock. Furthermore, you can boost the amount you make every day by purchasing a Bad Cub.
Keep your eyes out for special drops from Bear Labs. There will be plenty of new items available that can have crazy effects on your bear. With the gas mints as low as $5 per mint, you won't need to shell out huge fees to get in on the goods.

Bad Bear Fur Types

Bad Bears come in different styles. In addition to your unique accessories, there are also 10 different fur types to collect in 3 different rarity classes:
🟤 Common
🔵 Rare
🟡 Legendary
The fur type of your bear will also effect how it interacts with your cub. Learn more about bear-pairs here.


  • 9 Backgrounds
  • 7 Back Variants
  • 59 Body Attributes
  • 25 Different Eyes
  • 35 Head Accessories
  • 17 Mouth Expressions
👉Each Bad Bear generates 100 $MSK per day 👉Only Bad Bears get access to Bear Labs drops 👉Every Bad Bear gets a unique procedurally generated name (ie Chunky Chewy Coco Bear)

Full Commercial Rights

Purchasing a Bad Bear NFT grants full commercial (CCO) rights to the owner to use the artwork as they please. This includes, but is not limited to: logos, shirts, brands etc.

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