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Welcome to Beartopia

4.1 Million Sq. Meters of land to explore and build together.
5/12/22 Beartopia rendering

Geography and Lore

  • Beartopia: Over 1,000 acres of explorable continent
  • The Capitol: 30 acres of explorable, interactive structures
  • Intricate caves and tunnels
  • Read and discover lore
  • 12 Biomes with their own stories and history

Earn & Spend MSK

Projects building in NFT Worlds are not required to use the native WRLD token as the in-game currency. MSK token will be the primary currency of Beartopia.
  • Economy: Participate in the MSK economy
  • Mini-Games: Earn MSK in mini-games spread throughout the continent.
  • Buy land in Beartopia: Buy a plot of land, built on it, display your NFTs - or rent it out or flip for a profit. Its your land, do what you want with it.
  • Minecraft compatible: Use a familiar set of game controls that over 100,000,000 monthly active players already know how to use.
  • Cross-platform support: Access Beartopia through the Minecraft game client on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and more thanks to open sourced server bridging systems.
Beartopia will be exclusively available to Bad Bear Holders, and include an immersive P2E gameplay.
Nearly limitless expansion. The Planet that holds the Beartopia continent spans a distance of approximately 60 million meters, roughly the size of the planet Neptune, allowing for near-limitless expansion and possibilities

Why NFT Worlds?

NFT Worlds is a fully decentralized and completely customizable, community driven, play to earn gaming platform where World owners can create their own limitless Metaverse games and experiences for players or exclusive communities within their worlds.
This world is just the starting point of what we have planned...