DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization. By owning a Bad Bear, you have direct influence on the future of the project. Each bear equals 1 vote.
10% of profit from the initial Bad Bear mint and 10% of royalties in perpetuity are allocated to the Treasury DAO. Holders of Genesis Bad Bears vote on the direction to take specific parts of the project, and what crypto projects and blue chip NFTs to invest in.
👉 View all past, current, and future proposals on

DAO Masters

⭐️DAO Master roles will be the facilitators of DAO proposals. To start, it will be assigned to the current standing 👨🏻‍💼Mayor and 💰Moneybags roles. Their job is to monitor proposals created in the DAO Proposals channel in Discord and create official proposals on

Proposal / Voting Process

Submit Proposal: ⭕️ Inner Circle members can create proposals in DAO Proposals channel in Discord. Slow-Mode is enabled so members can post 1 suggestion every 6 hours. Only Inner Circle members can write new proposals. Bad Bear roles can view proposals and send message in the Proposal Threads. Note: Please write out well thought-out content, with pros/cons and images where necessary to support your proposal.
Proposal Discussions: Proposals with lots of reactions will have a Public Thread created for further conversations. Based on the thread conversations, the DAO Masters will create an official proposal on
Voting Begins: Most votes will have a 24-48 hour time limit. Time sensitive votes like crypto or NFT investments may be shorter.
Note: DAO Procedure will be updated overtime as we develop this process.

Role Capabilities

Proposal Permissions
🟤 Bear Role
🐻 Bad Bear Role
⭕️ Alpha Bear & Alpha Cub
👑 Founders & Team
Bear - Cannot see DAO proposals. Bad Bear - Can discuss proposals and vote on Cannot submit new proposals. ⭕️ Alpha Bear + ⭕️ Alpha Cub: Can submit, discuss, and vote on proposals. 👑Team: The Bad Bears team can submit proposals, but cannot vote on proposals. Learn about Discord Roles

Gnosis Safe

We will have a multi-sign Gnosis Safe that holds all DAO assets. It will be publicly viewable by anyone. To release funds from the safe will require 3 of 4 signatures. The four wallet signers will be 👨🏻‍💼Mayor, 💰Moneybags, and two 👑Team members.
Gnosis Safe wallet is currently being setup.
Good to know: Every Bad Bear will hold a single vote in the DAO. The more Bad Bears you hold, the more say you have in the development of the project.