Staking & Rewards

Stake. Stack. Spend. MSK Staking Rewards are live.
MSK Staking and Staking Rewards are LIVE. Release Date: April 29th
MSK offers a unique staking system that rewards holders who stake tokens.

Benefits of Staking

How to Stake

  1. 1.
    Buy MSK on Uniswap or the Dashboard.
  2. 2.
    Connect your wallet on the Dashboard Profile.
  3. 3.
    Enter the amount of MSK you wish to stake, and hit "Stake". Note: There is a small gas fee for transferring your MSK to the Staking Wallet

How Staking Rewards work

  • 20% of all MSK Spent goes to the Rewards Pool.
  • 5% of the Rewards Pool is paid out daily.
  • The more you stake, the more you make.
The pool of MSK rewarded to holders who stake their tokens comes from within the Bad Bears/MSK ecosystem. 20% of all MSK spent within Beartopia and Bear Labs (rewards pool) are reserved and paid out depending on the percentage of staking rewards a wallet has compared to all staking wallets.
5% of the Staking Rewards Pool is paid out every day to Stakers. This balances out periods of high $MSK spend such as mints and new buyables. Returns compound if left in the ecosystem, so you earn more $MSK the longer you leave it in the system.
As MSK is spent on future Bear Labs mints, Metaverse purchases, and IRL applications; staking provides the opportunity to generate steady returns on staked MSK.
Click to enlarge to see in detail how staking rewards works:
Good to know:
In addition, purchases made with staked MSK allow transactions to be performed instant and gas-free. There will be a small charge when interacting with the blockchain (such as mints), but due to our highly optimized contract - fees are low.
Staked MSK can be withdrawn from the staking wallet at any time, you are in control of your MSK.