MSK Token

One coin to rule them all
MSK is at the center of the Bad Bears Universe
MSK token sits at the center of the Bad Bears universe and serves as the in-game currency within the Beartopia Metaverse. The fixed-supply tokenomics are designed to fuel innovation and raise the value of every Bad Bear. MSK is required to participate in the closed-loop economy and is used to purchase future NFT drops and other releases that come out of Bear Labs such as Serums.
Holders shape the future of the Bad Bears ecosystem by participating in key governance votes that decide how the Community Treasury will be invested and distributed.
Only Bad Bear holders have the ability to purchase new NFTs in the Bad Bear ecosystem (free mints are open to the public). Only Bad Bears can participate in DAO voting.
Each Bad Bears Genesis NFT generates 100 MSK per day in passive yield, with the potential for bonus multipliers when paired with Bad Cubs (released March 25, 2022).

MSK Utility

MSK is the token at the center of the Bad Bears universe. Here are some ways you can spend MSK:
  • Purchase drops from Bear Labs (such as Serums)
  • Stake your MSK and experience gasless transactions within the Bad Bears ecosystem
  • Trait customization options such as names and descriptions for your Bad Bears (Coming Q2)
  • Purchase items in the Beartopia Metaverse (Coming Q2)
  • Purchase land in the Beartopia Metaverse (Coming Q2)
  • Purchase official Bad Bears merch in MSK
  • Purchase tickets in MSK to IRL Bad Bears hosted events (Coming Q3)
Did you know? When MSK is spent, it is removed from the circulating supply and is slowly dripped back to holders through passive yield. Over time, not all tokens will be claimed. We call this organic deflation.

How to Buy MSK

Purchase MSK on our Swap widget in our Dashboard

Use the Uniswap interface to buy MSK

MSK is a fixed supply, ERC-721 NFT utility token that can be purchased through our Uniswap Liquidity Pool or collected daily by holding Bad Bear Genesis NFTs. Holders earn MSK daily through a non-minting passive yield which is reflected in the Bad Bears dashboard.
Did you know?: There is a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) MSK tokens. No new MSK tokens will ever be created.


A fixed supply of 1 Billion (1,000,000,000) $MSK was minted on smart contract deployment.
Total supply - 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) Initial liquidity pool at launch - 250,000,000 (25%) Claim / Passive Yield Pool - 350,000,000 (35%) P2E Rewards Pool - 200,000,000 (20%) Liquidity reserved for exchanges - 100,000,000 (10%) Founder tokens 100,000,000 (10%) Founder vesting schedule: Fully locked for first year, 5% of founder tokens unlocked per month thereafter.
Buy tax - 0% Sell tax - 15% Taxes collected will be used for:
  • Team Buy-Backs
  • Replenishing passive yield fund if necessary
  • Operating and Marketing expenses
MSK’s deflationary quality is based on the assertion that a currency must have scarcity in order to be valuable. By limiting what amount can enter the system, it ensures that no individual can increase the supply and inflate the value relative to physical and digital goods.