8,888 🐝 BeeFrens have been discovered in the jungles around the Beartopia Metaverse. Collect Bees and generate HUNNY to participate in giveaways and the Bad Bears Discord Tipping system.

About BeeFrens

Bee Frens are a collection of 8,888 Bees discovered in the Jungle area on the continent of Beartopia. Each BeeFren produces 2 🍯HUNNY per day.
Pair up to 2 Bees per 🧸Bad Cub to multiply your daily HUNNY yield (up to 4x).
  • Free Mint with a gas-optimized contract
  • Built on top of the Bad Bears project
  • Doxxed Founders and Team
  • Launches with utility

What is 🍯HUNNY?

HUNNY is an off-chain raffle ticket. Use HUNNY to win:
🌠 NFTs: Win Blue Chip Projects such as CyberKongz, Otherside Deeds, Quirkies, Invisible Friends, and more up-and-coming NFTs.
🛳 IRL Trips: Win a trip to the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Cruises etc.
💰 ETH & Token: Win $ETH, $MSK, $APE and more

Learn about HUNNY

Free Mint Details

Bee Frens is a FREE MINT with a gas-optimized contract and will have two phases of minting. Bee Frens will be a free mint first starting with Holder only access. There will be a maximum limit of 5 Bee Frens per wallet.
Due to our highly optimized contract minting will only cost $2-12 per mint.

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